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2022  Maxwell

Planning / Design / Construction/ Furniture, Fixture & Equipment

7,040 ft² 


Client’s issue

HAKUHODO's four group companies in Singapore each had separate offices in different locations. They were aiming to create new value by strengthening the sense of solidarity and synergy as a group. As an opportunity to achieve this goal, they consolidate separate offices into one location.  On the other hand, the key point was how to create synergy in the office, given today's restrictions on the "gathering and working" style, such as the limitation on the number of people coming to office and new normal of work-from-home due to COVID.


Our solution

To solve this issue, we proposed to create enhanced functions throughout the office space that would allow employees to interact with each other; aiming to create an office space with higher synergy effects.

Hot desks located in the centre of the office

Hot desks are set up in locations that are equally accessible from all office areas of each group company. This has a psychological effect of making everyone feel comfortable using the hot desks, and as a result, we created a space where employees from each group work next to each other with no boundaries.

Openness and Circulation

No partitions or walls were placed between the office areas of the group companies to create a single large space with a clear view. This enhanced the openness and circulation of the entire office and create a space that facilitates communication.

Sharing and well-placed meeting rooms

Instead of having fixed meeting rooms for each company, we designed a flow that allows employee to move across the office for meetings. This allows employee to casually look out for each other as they move from one place to next, thereby increasing the level of rapport between employees.

Pantries for unexpected encounters

Pantries were installed at two locations along the major traffic flow in the office that one must pass when arriving and leaving the office, aiming to create unexpected casual communication before and after working hours.


Creating a space that utilizes the historical flavor of the building

In order to preserve the atmosphere of the historical building, which won the Architectural Heritage Awards 2011, we utilized the existing wood grain ceiling, walls, and doors of the existing building. We aimed to create a space that evokes the historical atmosphere of the building.

Effects after Office Renovation

Through the office renovation, they have seen a gradual improvement in the relationship among the group companies and more effective collaboration. They have commented that with the new office, they are able to motivate and focus more on achieving the goals of the entire group.

Feedback on NOMURA’s service


“Even though managing and unifying the needs of four separate companies was a difficult process, Nomura Design and Engineering had always been prompt with responding to our requests.”
“Their main project leader, Janice Tan, was pivotal in getting the whole project running smoothly through the entire period. She was able to forge a close relationship with various stakeholders to integrate all our visions into one.”



9 Kreta Ayer Rd, Singapore 088985

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