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Montrachet Capital

2022  Outram Park

Planning / Design / Construction 3,077 sqf


Reason for choosing NOMURA D&E

Montrachet Capital Pte Ltd. (hereafter Montrachet Capital) was seeking the best one-stop service provider

from design to construction that would be perfect for

the renovation of its shophouse office, and believed NOMURA D&E would provide efficient and high-quality service in a short construction period.

Aim to achieve

Montrachet is a wine region in France which produces the highest quality white wine, and enjoyed by every advocate throughout the world. And Montrachet Capital adapts a similar regimen to strive for higher results for their clients,

thus an office space which can express its philosophy, beliefs and integrity is critical to accommodate high end clients.


NOMURA D&E's approach

As markets are becoming more volatile with uncertainties and unprecedented events, every client is seeking advisory

services on asset protection and estate planning so that wealth can be safely transferred to the next generation.

At Montrachet Capital, trust, tradition and legacy are the core beliefs and in order to represent them properly,

we preserved most of the assets and ambience from the previous office while focusing to create a larger and sophisticated atmosphere to “marriage” the two concepts.


Combination of preserved brick walls and new glass partitions generated a perfect contrast between tradition and modern. 

The existing beams were effectively utilised to create higher ceiling and open space, as well as concealed lightings implemented in the ceiling could emphasise the high ceiling and realised a well-balanced composition of the interior.



Montrachet Capital was contented with our meticulous service, flexible in response to accommodate its needs. 

Design options provided by NOMURA D&E were close to the image envisioned.


Montrachet Capital Pte Ltd.

19 Cantonment Road
Singapore 089741
Contact: +65-6225-8470 / +65-6225-8471


Please contact us for design consultation.

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